Monday, April 26, 2010

Winning the Catholic Compatibility Game

I had the pleasure of going to see "Till Death Do Us Part" at the Lyceum Theatre this past weekend. The show was a parody of a Catholic nun teaching pre-marriage classes (if I was Catholic I would know what the actual name for these are...and I would be taking them!). JJ and I were the ONLY engaged couple in the audience so we got called up on stage to compete in the compatibility game. We were also the only couple that had been married less than 20 years so our competitors could have been our grandparents. This picture is hard to make out but the most important part is that we won

St. Monica team: 19      
St. Ann team: 16

During the "Would you Rather" phase of the game, we both picked that we would rather wear a garter belt than a chastity belt. If that doesn't prove that we should get married I don't know what does.

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