Friday, May 25, 2012

I've been a deadbeat. Let me make it up to you.

My grad school professors have spent the past year telling us that our lives would feel overwhelming when we began our practicums in May. Obviously I didn't listen.

I've become a deadbeat at updating this blog but here are some updates from the last, very overwhelming, months:

The 5th Annual White Family Jell-O Competition (more to come on this...I promise!)
I got to stand up next to my beautiful friend, Erika, while she married her love. 
Things at work have been filled with lots of late nights, boxes and grant writing. I'm missing the days when I had a summer vacation! 

And, per usual, I've been eating lots of yummy food at restaurants I'd been meaning to try in Kansas City and trying to maintain my sanity. My husband is finally home from a 34598475932742034823 day business trip and we're planning to go camping over this holiday weekend. Camping is not usually my "thing" but I've gotten adventurous in my old age. 

One last thing- we have booked a scuba diving trip to the Caribbean in late August. We bought scuba diving lessons in the silent auction at the recent Leukemia Society Ball  and have now booked our first reef dive! See, I'm adventurous!