Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I feel like the Sweedish are torturing me. They have made the perfect televison stand for my small little living room. It matches my the color and style of all the other pieces already in the room. The catch: I can't get to it! Why, oh why, is there no IKEA anywhere near me. Only people who live in little apartments in big cities get to have access to IKEA. But, those of us who are forced to live in little apartments in little cities do not.
I want to know how I can get the lovely IKEA piece I want. It is like torture to know that the Sweedish made this piece just for me (and my tv) and I have no way of getting it to me!

Simmons is creating a eco mattress that is sustainable all the way to its core. I know they are not the first to manufacture an organic mattress but I have never really cared one way or another about mattresses until recently.  I have been promised a new mattress when I get married (which is, of course, why I am getting married!) and perhaps this is just what I need. I have so many other things I've got to get done during the day so it seems ideal to be able to save the environment while I sleep!  Now if I could just figure out a way to either:
a.) not have to share my bed after I get married OR
b.) find a bed big enough for my gigantic fiance


  1. Now Courtney, use your head. How will I get things home from the IKEA in NYC? The only logical way this will work is for you to buy an RV and then buy me this table that I want and deliver it to me in Missouri in your RV. Think about it.