Sunday, July 31, 2011

My first love

I watched Secretariat tonight on Netflix and it made me miss being around horses everyday. While he wasn't my first horse, my Piper was most certainly my first love.
Tonight I'm missing him more than usual.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Usually I like surprises

Usually I like surprises. Like that one time JJ set up a tent in our attic so we could go camping without me having to pee outside. Or the time my friend from NYC showed up at my bachelorette party after convincing me she couldn't afford a flight.

On Thursday husband had a surprise waiting for me when I got home. He went dumpster diving and brought me a table.

This wasn't quite as random as it sounds. I've been wanting to find a small table to put next to our armchair to put drinks on because we currently set drinks on the floor {and kick them over almost nightly}. So when he saw a table laying next to the dumpster outside out building, he had good intentions.
 But the top looks like it got in a fight with a cat and the first time we set a drink on it the top bubbled up.

To thank him I made him the saddest excuse for a cheese quesadilla known to man.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In my dreams...

my bathroom would look like this. I'm assuming the person who actually owns this bathroom does not work for a non-profit.

Triple Digits

Today the radio informed me that we have had 26 days in a row of triple-digit temperatures in Kansas City. This is what I get for complaining about the snow last winter.

I wish I looked this glamorous in the heat as these ladies. Instead I look like a sweaty mess. I showered three times one day last week. I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

25 things no one told me about being an adult

I have a love/hate relationship with being an adult. Unfortunately, being an adult sort of comes with the territory when you are an adult so I'm out of luck. There are so many things that you grow up thinking are required, or inherent, about being an adult. And they’re bullshit.

25 Things No One Told Me About Being An Adult: 

  1. You don’t have to make your bed.
  2. You don’t have to do the dishes.
  3. If you do the dishes, they can sit there, clean, for days. The world won’t end.
  4. With cars, you will always feel like you’re getting ripped off. The car you buy, the price you buy it at, the service package you get, the place you go to get your oil changed. It will always feel like you’re getting cheated. And sometimes you are. But you might never know the difference.
  5. All those things you don’t like to do? You can pay someone to do them.
  6. Having a dog is not like having a baby. Well, I don’t really know, because I don’t have a baby {and I don't even have a dog anymore}. But some people will try to tell you they’re similar, and they’re not.
  7. A dog was not as easy as is seems. They also cost more money than you think.
  8. People will try to tell you you’re lame for not staying out late, drinking a lot, and partying. You’re not. You just need to stop hanging out with those people.
  9. You really do need insurance. All kinds. Health, dental, vision, etc.
  10. It’s OK to say no to people you don’t really like, event you don’t want to go to, things you can’t afford.
  11. The ability to make chit chat for more than 3 minutes will get you far in life. Ridiculously far.
  12. Relationships are work. Sometimes they’re a lot of work. But the ones that are worth it shouldn’t feel like that much work.
  13. Office politics are real. Everyone hates it. Everyone has to deal with it.
  14. Sometimes you do things to show the people you love that you care. This is an obligation. It feels meaningless to you, but it means a lot to the person you love.
  15. Keeping friends is hard. You have to actually communicate with people. You’ll have fewer friends than you did when you were a kid, but they’ll be better ones.
  16. You can eat cheese or cake or chips or wine for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch.
  17. But if you do, you’ll pay the price. You’ll put on weight, or feel bad, or both. Your metabolism, liver, and ability to eat a pound of cheese is not what it used to be.
  18. Your apartment doesn’t come with art on the wall and pretty knick knacks. You have to buy those, frame them, and hang them up. Yourself. Unless you pay someone to do it.
  19. That person you pay to do stuff for you? You have to find them, tell them what to do and when to do it, and pay them.
  20. Coordinating events, dinners, meetings, social outings, is harder than you think it is.
  21. Sometimes, being an adult is like being a kid, but instead of juice, you have wine.
  22. You don’t automatically know what to do when you become an adult. You just get better at hiding the fact that you don’t know what to do.
  23. Failing as an adult has major consequences that can mess up your whole life.
  24. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change. No one can tell you you can’t change. Don’t listen to them.
  25. People will tell you you’re not awesome, but that’s not true. You are awesome. No can make you not awesome except you.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

So what if I love TV?

Let's start off by staying that I comprehend that the Bachelorette is a trashy tv show. Even though husband and I have opted not to have cable because we are frugal {also known as poor}, I find myself keeping up with the show via Reality Steve and People magazine. Why do I do this?

I develop unhealthy relationships with reality show stars. This is unhealthy not only because I have not actually even watched the show but also because it reminds me of my other strange obsessive behavior.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Toilet OCD

I always go into the same bathroom stall at work. I didn't realize how similarly this resembles OCD until I went to the bathroom today and all of the stalls were empty except for my stall but I waited until the "user" was done.

Yes, I just said "my stall." That is really not the biggest problem.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Icing on the Cake- Literally

I think I've finally reached the weight I want for my before picture. Now I can get really serious about working out. My last few attempts went something like this:

1. Make a chart on the fridge to draw a happy-face on the days I work out. Instead of working out, I took the time to write excuses on each day's spot on the calendar about why I didn't work out.

2. Buy new work out clothes to motivate me. They still have the tags on them.

3. Eat whatever the hell I want so my "before" picture is very dramatic.

I think number three is really the icing on the cake...if you catch my irony.

A Hump-Day Haiku

emu eggs for sale
do people really eat these
at thirty bucks each

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm feeling much too domestic

This morning I got up {as usual} and transformed into domestic wife extraordinaire. I made a pot roast. Yes.

And it has become clear to me that my days as a care-free 24 year old {at least as I know them} are over.

New Week

Last week was such an eventful week! JJ and I got to spend the holiday weekend in Colorado, One of my best friends got engaged, and my sister signed a lease on an apartment in Kansas City.

And the real icing on the cake? Husband and I have purchased our tickets to the University of Missouri 100th anniversary of Homecoming football game on my BIRTHDAY weekend! Only 97 days until then!

It is supposed to be 107 degrees here in Kansas City today. I spent more time than I’d care to admit online last night lusting over houses with pools for sale.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The JJ and Caylin Show

Our trip to Colorado was perfectly full of hiking, delicious food, sunbathing and lots of quality family time.  JJ spent most of his time with this little peanut:

I stressed about packing before we left but ended up spending most of my time switching between sweatpants and a swimsuit.

It's nice that this will be an extra short work week. Then my sister comes to town to look for an apartment. She is moving to my city! 


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, America

Happy Fourth of July, Friends! We're in Colorado where there is a firework ban so we'll be celebrating in style with a laser light show tonight. Try to contain your jealousy!