Thursday, April 22, 2010

House Lust

Lately I have been very sick with a case of "house lust." Now that I have a roommate, I can afford to have cable and therefore watch HGTV for hours and hours at night. I have become that annoying person who constantly comments on aspects of decorating when they visit your house. Last night I went to a dinner party and literally started taking pictures of rooms in her house with my phone. Do they have meds for this problem?

Until I can afford a house I guess I'll have to be satisfied with 800 square feet. Even in this small of space, JJ has gotten in the habit of asking where I'm going if I leave the room. There are approximately three rooms in the apartment so my options are limited. A typical exchange might go something like this:

J: "Babe, where did you go?"
E: "To the kitchen to get some water"
J: "When are you coming back?"
E: "I'm only 22 steps away...."

I suppose there might be times when this is endearing.

1 comment:

  1. :) oh LC, I love your stories. you might have noticed my apartment is not much bigger than yours probably is, and keith and I often have similar interactions.

    I think my house lust takes place not as I admire the interior (I often do not have the chance to explore nice houses...) but as I stroll by them in my neighborhood. alas, I must gaze from the street and long for that neatly kept garden, inviting front porch, and color coordinated shudders and trim.