Monday, June 14, 2010

Memphis Shower

I'm just going to tempt you all by saying that this weekend I bought my wedding shoes (which I've been hunting for months) and received "sneak peek" pictures of the jewelry bouquet. It is looking fabulous! I'll be wearing as much bling as a rapper's teeth.

I spent the weekend in Memphis with all of JJ's extended family. We were in a heat advisory the whole time so I'm sure I left a great (sweaty) impression. Good thing I packed deodorant! I was a terrible travel companion for JJ during the 8 hour drive to Memphis. The whole time I was either sleeping, playing brickbreaker on my phone, or talking about how much I wanted to sleep or play brickbreaker.

My sweet friend Courtney drove all the way from Ol' Miss just for the shower. All the pictures I have of her from the weekend are blurry so you'll just have to see pictures of me. Sorry.

This second picture is priceless. The first one involves cake, and YOU KNOW how I feel about cake.

I am taking some of the girls from the children's charity where I work to the soup kitchen to volunteer tonight. I think the experience always does me more good than it does them. Having the opportunity to serve people who cannot feed their families puts me in my place really quickly. I suppose I don't NEED that $325 dress Sara Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City II.

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