Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Popcorn pants

When you are in college you get to spend a weekend hanging out and getting spoiled by your mom as long as you call it a "Mom's Weekend." Since I am no longer in college I leeched on to my sister's "Mom's Weekend" so I could share in the fruits of my mom being in town.

Typically I just eat some yogurt for breakfast (or if I'm really feeling adventurous I'll have some cinnamon pecan Special K cereal) but since it was "Mom's Weekend" I met my mom and sister at a bed and breakfast and ate fruit crepes, bacon and all kinds of other wonderful breakfasty treats.

The progression from yummy breakfast to the picture above is really irrelevant. What is relevant is that I bought some chocolate covered popcorn and in haste to open the box as quickly as possible the popcorn went all over the car. I thought I had cleaned it all up (aka stuffed it all into my mouth) but when we stopped at the mall to get our nails done it was clear that I had missed a few. A few sneaky pieces of popcorn found their way under by bum and remained there, melting to my skirt and the car seat, for the hour long drive. I don't usually like to talk about poop because my mother says it is not lady like (and I am a LADY!) but I feel it is okay just this once because that is precisely what it looked like.

My sister, Melanie, is the most prepared person ever. If you need it and it is obscure, she has it! We were once staying in a hotel at the beach and a storm came through and knocked out all the power. She had flashlights and a battery powered radio packed in her suitcase. Freak! But, on the day I had chocolate popcorn melted to my butt I was glad she carries stain stick in her purse.

Haste makes Waste. That's what they say.

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  1. haha, what a weekend it was.
    p.s. i am NOT a freak :)