Friday, March 4, 2011

See ya' hot yoga- you're cramping my style

Sorry I've been so absent all week. I've been feeling sort of unbalanced. And by unbalanced, I mean tired and super unmotivated to do anything.

I thought the hot yoga would help but I'm finding that I typically leave there angry because:
1. I am so unbelievably sweaty
2. The class is supposed to be for all levels (beginner to yogi) but I'm the only one who can't stand on my toes while contorted in a ball
3. There are mirrors all over the room so I have to stare at my unbelievable sweaty self and watch as everyone else seems to be in a relaxed/meditative state while I'm just annoyed
4. I've gained 2 pounds
5. It's dangerously "close to home" for the days when I dated someone with dreadlocks (I feel like that is a part of my life I've been neglecting to share with you readers....)

I am going to have to try something else to try to balance out the stresses in my life. I wish that I could move all of the people I love to Kansas City. I think that's the root- I'm missing everyone.  What I do know is that hot yoga is cramping my style.

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