Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Wednesday

I totally forgot that yesterday was Fat Tuesday and since I sweated out any and all fun in my stupid hot yoga class, I'm going to celebrate today. This fits better into my schedule anyway because I have today off from work so I can truly be a glutenous bum. This is what I try to do with most holidays- rework them into my schedule so they fit better for ME. Because, it is all about me, after all!

I've decided to give up sweets for lent. This is because of two reasons:
1. I've secretly been hiding Hershey's hugs in my drawer at work and eating them all day every day and I'm concerned that I'm rotting my teeth
2. Today I ran out of Hershey's hugs so this seems like the logical thing to give up for lent

I'm pretty sure I will be able to make it until Easter without any sweets if I stay away from the grocery store, my freezer, my office, my car and any restaurant.

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  1. this is my favorite post. this is the elise i know and love!