Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The cupcake went splat

This is a crazy busy week and,  when you add my crazy tooth problem, I have not been a pleasant person to live with.

After work today I stopped by the cute cupcake place near our apartment to order a few dozen cupcakes for a wedding shower I'm co-hosting with my mother next weekend. To make sure I wasn't going to poison the guests, I bought myself the most decant looking cupcake to devour when I completed all of my errands {and to try to bribe my sore tooth to shape up}. I drove like a mother taking her baby home from the hospital for the first time- not wanting to bump the cupcake in its little pink box. Just before I turned into our garage husband called so I had to make a decision: take my hand off the cupcake box answer the phone or ignore husband's possibly important call to protect my precious cargo.

I went with option A: answer the call. My cupcake went splat and my husband had to listen to a ridiculously dramatic rant about how my life ended the moment I lost out on the cupcake. Poor husband.

Oh, and, Those of you who plan on reminding me that I gave up sweets for lent are obviously not true friends!

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