Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I wouldn't tell just anyone about my problem

I have a problem saying no to a little thing called CHIPS and SALSA. It's a slippery slope into salty over-eating once I've started. If salsa were illegal or dangerous to my health in any way I would need an intervention before the sun comes up. My favorite is to use Tostitos Scoops because its as close as I can come to a socially acceptable way to shovel salsa into my mouth. Just wait until shovel chips are invented...

I've always said that tacos are one of my favorite foods but when I made one for dinner last night {and noticed that it was 3/4 made of salsa} I'm now wondering if maybe its only an excuse to incorporate salsa into the meal.

Are you aware that there are entire facebook groups dedicated to addicts of chips and salsa? Yes, there are more like out there like me. My homies, if you will. Ugh, I have issues.

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