Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hot Yoga

In a moment of sheer stupidity weakness, I signed myself up for a month long hot yoga class. I read an article in one of the 9487239 magazines I get about how hot yoga is great for toning and detoxification. I don't really know what they meant by detoxification, but what I do know is that bathing suit season is haunting my dreams and a little toning may be just what the doctor ordered.

From what I can tell, hot yoga is the same thing as normal yoga only you do it in a sauna and they make you hold the poses for what seems like 20 minutes. My ass has never hurt so bad in my life {nor have I ever been so sweaty}. I must have been doing the poses wrong when I did my at-home yoga dvd.

My instructor kept referring to herself as a "yogi," which everyone but me seemed to think was perfectly normal. I, however, kept snickering like an immature little boy at every yogi mention. And yes, little boys do snicker.


  1. LOL this sounds like my personal version of hell. I hate being hot and I hate yoga poses... sounds like double trouble to me. I would, however, give anything to have seen you do this. Miss you! :)

  2. Bikram yoga? there is nothing worse than it. and detoxification my ass...i went hungover and it did nothing good!

  3. It's been almost a week, Missy, ready for a new post. :)