Thursday, January 13, 2011

I was a sexy 11 year old

I could only stand sitting around for so long during yesterday's snow day so I got to work hanging some pictures in my childhood bedroom.

The summer before I went away to college I painted my room burnt ORANGE. I think this was my subconscious way of marking my territory {better than peeing on it, right?!} and making sure my parents didn't turn my room into a craft/exercise room. The color was terrible but I couldn't complain since I picked it out and painted it.

Recently my parents repainted the room a sage green color but never got around to hanging up all of my "crap." Cue the snow day!

I picked out my favorite out of my horse show photos and made a little gallery wall with them. In the orangey room there were about a dozen more of these plus 98973242 ribbons. Hopefully this looks more streamlined and "grown up." 

As a child, I also collected characteratures.  I think they are hysterical and so symbolic of the time of my life they were made. Every time I had one made my mom would take me to the frame store and let me pick out a frame. Hence the six VERY un-matching frames.

 This is the characterature that started it all. Sexy, right? This was from our family trip to San Francisco when I was 11. 

And I have no idea how old I was in this somethin' somethin' but I still had braces so it had to have been eighth grade or earlier. Kind of creepy how the artist portrayed a 14 year old! I'm flattered? 

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