Thursday, October 28, 2010

No longer a camping store

When did L.L. Bean become hip? I have a memory from childhood of attending a friend's birthday party where we went "camping" with our American Girl Dolls and my Mom ordered us camping stuff from L.L. Bean. If I was to list 100 places that I would order a purse from, L.L. Bean would never register on my radar.

But I guess I was wrong.....

L.L. Bean's new Signature Line is pretty great. I'll think I'll take this perfect-for-fall outfit too.

And I must add, Samantha and I really didn't like camping.


  1. when are you going to order an emersonmade clutch? you've seen them....right?

  2. Jeff- I want one so badly but I just keep talking myself out of the $100. I might order one and give it to JJ to give me for Christmas!

  3. Samantha was my favorite American Girl too!