Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Counting my Chickens

Since hubby is studying his fine butt off, I am working tirelessly at finding somewhere for us to live in 59 days when we make our big move to a new city. I've come up with a list of {unrealistic} requirements for our new diggs:
     Safe/Available Parking for TWO cars
     Washer and Dryer in the unit
     Enough kitchen cabinets that I don't have to store bakeware under my living room chair like I do now
     Atleast two closets
     More than 900 square feet
     In a location with young people who are looking for new friends

I've found some amazing places (which I've been informed by Realtors there is no chance they'll still be available when I want them...). Instead of figuring out how I will pay a deposit, I'm figuring out what cool furniture I will fill them with.

Remember when I was obsessed with this chair? Well I found something even better!
Now I can have the print without having to get new chairs. Now if only I had an extra $300 laying around...

This ottoman is the classic example of "don't count your chickens before they hatch." Elise, don't decorate your apartment before you sign a lease.

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