Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just another night talking about Skinheads

Something happened last night that is simply to charming not to share with you.

I like to read celebrity gossip websites sometimes (ok, everyday) and JJ had been telling me that he felt left out that I never share any of the fascinating facts I have in my random brain. Last night, in an effort to include him in my celebrity obsession, I started to tell JJ about how I had read that Jesse James was now dating Kat Von D.

He didn't know who either of those people were. So I started to talk about Jesse James' history and how he left Sandra Bullock for a skinhead.

J: "So she didn't have any hair?"
E: "No, she was a skinhead. Like a natzi."
J: "Right. I know what a skinhead is. They don't have hair."

We went round and round about what a skinhead is before we decided each of us could have one "phone a friend" to confirm our opinions. I won.

It was just another night at the Bennett household debating about skinheads.

P.S. This photo is from so it is relevant.

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  1. For all those people out there here is the other side of the story..... I believe that it is a requirement of skin heads to cut their hair. While the whole neo nazi thing is the big one everyone knows that so move on to the second topic. That is did he make love to a skinhead that had no hear. I have seen american history X and ya skin heads can but scary but jessie james and a girl without hair is also scary. Just food for though