Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A good night's sleep

I feel like I need a nap after all the mattress shopping we've been doing lately. My parents offered to buy us a mattress as a wedding gift so we felt like we would be knowledgeable consumers and lay of every mattress within a 30 mile radius. I wanted soft and JJ wanted firm which made things kind of difficult but we finally settled on this one:

They tried to persuade us to upgrade to the "value pack" which included two pillows and a special spray for stains. I wish I was kidding when I tell you that this is what he said as his marketing ploy:
"It's for when you have the flu and just can't make it to the bathroom."

Thanks for the visual, mattress man.

It gets delivered tonight. I'll miss out on helping carry it up all the stairs at the apartment since I'll be at my wedding dress fitting. JJ and I have made a pact we won't sleep on it until after the wedding. I'm pretty sure I will not be able to contain myself. A good night's sleep is already calling my name.

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