Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've Been Violated

Originally I was going to host a giveaway today in honor of my 100th post as a thank you to my sweet readers but I'll have to save that for tomorrow. Today, I've been Violated.

While parked directly outside my house last night someone tried relentlessly to break into my car. They ripped off my door handles, scraped up my doors, pulled my sunroof off with a crowbar and dented my hood. This villain wanted into my car something fierce.

I couldn't figure out what they might have been after. The contents of my seats included: last night's work out clothes, some wedding themed wrapping paper left over from last weekend, and a State Farm re-usable grocery sack that they gave me as a free-gift last Thursday when I switched my insurance to them. That's right- I've had new insurance for less than a week and I had to file a $3000 claim.

I tried not to lose it when my insurance agent informed me that there was a possibility they would drop me for filing a claim this large after such a short amount of time. She was not amused when I asked her what the point of insurance was if they could just drop you whenever anything happened. I'm pretty sure she drew a big X across my file after that.

To top it all off it is now storming outside and I have a giant hole (from where my sunroof used to be) on top of my car. JJ used a recycle bag to shield it. I feel so eco-friendly!

Thank you, blog world, I feel better now that I've vented. It is just so creepy knowing a "bad guy" had their grimy hands all over my car. Who wants to drive me to work for the next two weeks?


  1. what?!? that is terrible!

    someone once broke into my car and stole a whole cd case of Christian albums... maybe they got saved? :)

  2. Wow, Elise! How awful... and I'm glad you told off the insurance company, way to stand up for yourself! :)

    Along the lines of Haley's comment, when I worked at Hallmark, someone stole the Baby Jesus from the Nativity scene. Really?!

  3. this could only happen to you. if i had a car I'd let you borrow it ;-)