Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, it has been more than a week since my resolution to do new and independent things everyday before I lose my freedom forever. Guess how many things I've done in that week that would count? None.

Unless you count the cake I made for my Mom and sister's birthday. Not too shabby for my first one, eh?

If only I had this gem to display my baked goods, it would be the "icing on the cake." The pun IS intended.
(Esther Coombs)

The weekend with my Mom and sister was glorious. I still loved my dress when I tried it on (and was able to zip it up!), finalized wedding flowers, practiced wedding hair and make-up, and spent way too many hours playing around in a fancy bra shop with my Mom.

Oh, and this cutie turned 21! Welcome to the world of legal drinking, little sister.


  1. WELL DONE ON THE CAKE FRIEND!!! :) Love you tons! ~ Erika

  2. Beautiful cake Elise! Good job. :)