Thursday, May 13, 2010

only 112 New Things left to go....

I only have two days left until my beloved roommate moves out of the teeny tiny apartment that we share. I am not really ok with her leaving, but I guess I can't be too upset since she's leaving to make room for Boyfriend to move in after we tie the knot. I am really going to miss her and am currently trying to come up with some sort of catastrophe that I could stage on Saturday so she would be forced to stay and console me.

Eight months ago my roommate and I had made a very ambitious list of all of the fun things we wanted to do before I got married- very few of which we have actually done. This has made me realize that I am not using my "freedom" to its full potential. There are 113 days until the wedding and I have set a goal to do 113 new (or new-ish) things on my own before then.

I haven't made a list or anything organized like that- I guess I'll just make it up as I go along. That seems to work pretty well in every other aspect of my life! Except when I adopted a dog.....

New thing Numero Uno:
Attending a 6:30 am breakfast with the Yemon of York at the Lake of the Ozarks this morning (which I left for at 5:15 am)

Perhaps it's the coffee talking, but I think this is a fab idea.

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