Friday, May 7, 2010

Bridal Bingo

I'm heading home to Kansas this weekend to help my parents celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, Mother's Day and my very first wedding shower. It doesn't get any better than a weekend jam-packed with family, friends and pastries.
I am a virgin to wedding showers so I googled the term to familiarize myself with the process. I found heaps of interesting information but perhaps the strangest is the idea of playing wedding bingo while the bride opens gifts.

Oh, Mary with two "R"s, was this as awkward for you as I'm imagining it was? My real concern is why "wine glasses" is not listed on this bingo sheet? Surely, if you plan to move in with a boy, you plan on drinking?

I know I frequently whine about the annoying things my boyfriend does- but my therapist says it's healthy. Just kidding, I don't have a therapist. He's actually a pre-marriage counselor....which is super different. Anyway, annoying boyfriend just brought it to my attention that "marry" is probably a verb (as in: getting married) and not the brides name. This whole game has now been ruined for me.

In other news, I now have TWO followers to this blog. Holler.


  1. +1 annoying boyfriend +0 bridezilla

  2. i follow your blog! and clearly the whole Bingo wedding shower idea (as well as the entirety of the game itself) lost its appeal back in the 50's. Notice that a crockpot is listed on the well as a rug. PARTY
    i will get you some amazing wine glasses...i'm leaning towards these:

  3. Okay so i've been an avid follower for quite some time now i just didn't know how to "officially" be a follower until now. So consider yourself officially followed. Sounds stalkerish doesn't it?