Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am having trouble containing the excitement I have for this weekend because:

1. I am going to Kansas City to celebrate my Mom's birthday
2. I am get to try on my wedding dress for the first time since it came in
3. I'm meeting with my wedding florist and hair dresser to do practice runs
4. My little sister turns 21 and I get to go celebrate with her in Lawrence

So, as I anxiously await tomorrow evening to come, I'll leave you with this picture that made me smile even when it hasn't stopped raining in 3 weeks.

This "hot mess" is what I miss now that Kaci has moved out.


  1. Umm... when you took this picture, I thought it would be for your own viewing pleasure. I never agreed for this to be posted on your lovely blog. Kindly remove. Kisses.

  2. wow. kaci. you're special.