Monday, May 17, 2010

Love List

I am having a really hard time grasping the idea that it has already been a year since I graduated college. Instead of counting my blessings (like the fact that I am employed by a charity that does amazing work and am going to be married to the man I love in just over 100 days) I have decided to go a different route. I have compiled a little list of all the things I am in love with an would like as "Happy One year anniversary of your college graduation" gifts. Do you have a favorite?

These ceremic farmer's market baskets would look absolutely perfect holding all my jewelry! I can't decide which one I love the most: the small one or the smallest one?
Spanx bathing suits: I'm pretty sure this is the best invention ever. Now nobody will know how many cupcakes you ate before you left for the pool.

Dorothy Draper Chests: If I could create my dream bedroom these beauties would rest elegantly on either side of my bed.

Anyting with zig-zags on it. I just ordered a set of these Monogram Cards from Etsy. I plan to use them to write little thank you notes after the wedding (or after you buy me something from my Love List!!).

And to make things a tiny bit better, this British company makes a chevron (which is fancy design lingo for zig zag) bedspread. I feel like I might actually sleep better if this was on my bed.

Imagine the smirk that would cover your face if every time you reached for your planner to pencil in a boring meeting, your planner had a witty comment for you. I'm smirking now just thinking about it!

Now you can do what I do when a crave for online shopping comes over you: add things to your "shopping cart" and then click out of the browser before giving them your credit card information. Works like a charm.

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