Monday, May 3, 2010

Is she having a baby?

I can think of four movies off the top of my head that have a punch line involving someone getting asked when their baby is due while they are not pregnant. In fact, one of my favorite Brian Regan comedy sketches revolves around the very same thing.

But let me assure you, friends, it is so much less funny when the jokes on you!

While babysitting last night, I took my kids outside to play four square on the driveway. The little neighbor boy (let's call him "Satan") walked over and started up a conversation with my kids that made my blood boil.

"Satan": Hey, is THAT your babysitter?
Sweet angel boy: yeah
"Satan": Is she having a baby?
Sweet angel boy: No! She's not even married.
"Satan": She looks like she's having a baby.
Me: Hey kid. Go home. These kids told me they think you smell weird.

And the pregnant babysitter of the year award goes to...Me! Good thing I have cake class tonight so I can drown my sorrows in red velvet and icing.

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  1. I'm a cool babysitter, I'm not like other babysitters.