Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Third

It has been brought to my attention (after lots of hours of Teen Mom watching) that someday if and when JJ and I decide to have children I will have to make by first born son a THIRD. John Falls Bennett III will have to be his name unless I want to bring shame to my inlaws. My roommate and I were trying to come up with nicknames we could call "baby third"

Kaci: "How about Johnny?"
E: "Baby Johnny? I don't think so."
Kaci: "How about John?"
E: "Kaci, seriously? I don't want to be a copy cat"
Kaci: "I think that's the point of having a third...."

(disclaimer: baby third is so far away that if any one talks about him I am going to claw you in the face)

Also, it has been a wrinkly week here at the apartment because the coat rack hook fell out of the wall. I guess I'm not surprised since I installed it using my pink power drill and forgot to use the special drywall nails that JJ kept nagging me about. Anywho, all of my coats, scarves, Watson's old leash, an umbrella and other various crap are laying in a wrinkly pile on the floor blocking the front door. Since I did so many productive things last week I don't really feel like fixing it. Therefore, I'm ready for spring if for no other reason but to be able to come in and out of my apartment without standing on my clothing.

Also, also. Kaci reminded me tonight of this gem:

I couldn't have recreated this unfortunate event if I'd tried! This is the day I went to see Venus and Serena Williams play each other at Wimbledon when I was living in London. Good thing I bothered to put on such exciting underwear that day, huh?


  1. Lol @ the pic! I saw you on Jenny's blog you had wanted to know how to do a duvet. You just sew the fabric as if you are making one huge pillow case. I would hem the ends and add some buttons in case you want to remove it. Look up the size comforter you would need and go by those measurements. Here is a tutorial:

    Hope this helps :o)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAA ohhh wow I am laughing SO hard at that pic! I completely forgot about it. I love it not only because of your face, but because of your sexy panties! Amazing.
    Also, just gotta say that the baby talk is a tad disturbing. But, hopefully it will be a girl so... issue solved.