Thursday, February 18, 2010

Honeymoon Branson style

The irony of what just happened to me is almost eerie. A few weeks ago when JJ was visiting me in Columbia I convinced him to join me at a little thing called a bridal expo. No amount of car coaxing can prepare a man for a bridal expo and JJ was a good sport for just long enough for me to run around and enter every free drawing.

I assumed that no one every actually wins these drawings- they are merely a means to gather your email address and phone number and then harrass you about flatware and tuxes until you have to change your number. What a nice surprise it was today when my phone rang and it was someone claiming to be a vender from said bridal expo. The conversaion went something like this:

Telemarketer: "Ms. White?"
E: "Uh-huh"
Telemarketer: "We've pulled your name from the bridal expo you attended and you and John have won a honeymoon!"
E: "Shut up! This is amazing! Blah Blah Blah"
Telemarketer: "All you have to do is come in to our office and watch a demonstration of our new stainless steel skillets. Then you'll get a voucher for 2 free nights in a hotel in Branson!"
E: "oh...." (and then I hung up)

This telemarketer could have no way of knowing that JJ and I met while working at a camp in Branson. For that matter, they can't have known much about anything if they thought that a honeymoon to Branson would be my idea of romantic. I can picture it now: JJ and I gazing into each other's eyes at Dixie Stampede. I don't think so.

So for all you bridal expo coordinators out there: please delete my phone number from your "harrass" log. I don't want your stainless steel skillets....unless they come with a martini and a foot rub.

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