Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Some occasions just call for special treats. An unbearably long workday calls for peanut m&ms. A trip to the movie calls for diet coke and popcorn. Valentine's day calls for conversation hearts. Starting a workout routine calls for an entirely new workout wardrobe. Everybody who is anybody knows these things.

One of the girls that I work with at my job has suggested that I "treat" myself to a personal trainer to get in shape for the wedding (which is only 199 days away!). This is her "sweet" way of telling me that I am fat. Since I am poor, and getting in shape was her idea, I asked her if she would do the Jillian Michael's DVD with me on my lunch break yesterday. Little did I know, this seemingly weak and unfit child has an inner devil that comes out while working out. If Jillian wanted me to do 15 reps of leg squats and I only did 13 (because I am fat after all) then she would pause the DVD and make me start counting all over again.

Naturally, today I have been hiding from her. Partially from shame that she had much more stamina than I did. But mostly out of fear that she thinks this is going to become a daily occurrence. I'm hoping she will decide I wasn't cool enough to hang out with and will haunt someone else with squats and crunches.

Until next time, I'll be hiding in my office eating all of the chocolate covered strawberries my fiance's mother gave me for Valentine's Day. I'm sure they are diet strawberries.

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