Friday, January 8, 2010

My nerves are marrying your nerves

I lay in bed last night, wearing every piece of clothing I own that is made of "sweat" material because it was so unbearably cold, and couldn't stop thinking about that annoying husband blog I was reading yesterday. I have a few things of my own I would like to contribute about my husband-to-be. I mean no offense by these things, honey, I truly find them endearing.

1. Whenever strange sounds/smells come from my adorable husband-to-be they always get blamed on the dog. Conversations usually go something like this:
E: "ew, do you smell that? oh man!"
J: (Looks around for the dog) "Watson!"

2. At some point in our relationship we made a deal that if I cooked, he would do the dishes and vise verse. This would be a fair agreement if husband-to-be didn't make a point of using just about every dish we own when he cooks. During the 35 minutes it takes me to clean up the simplest of meals I am usually contemplating whether take-out would have been a better idea.

But since he is so cute, I think I'll forgive him. I guess my nerves are going to marry his nerves anyway.

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