Sunday, February 27, 2011

No curtains for us!

I'd been feeling like none of the rooms in the apartment would be done until they had curtains but we've run into a little hiccup. The side of the building that all of our windows are on is made of brick underneath the drywall. No power drill in the world {that we have access to} can drill into it which means we cannot hang curtain rods. At first I acted like this was the worst thing in the planet {because I'm a serious worrier} but I'm past that now.

I did ended up buying some of this fabric to make curtains for our bedroom. JJ figured out a way to attach a curtain rod to the outside of the window.

We've decided to return the white curtains I bought for the living/dining room and use the money towards some barstools. You have to make priorities when you don't have a lot of dough.

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  1. It's not fancy, but did you think about using tension rods? You could probably manage a valance over the top that would cover the rod. If you made it light-weight enough, you could attach the valance to the wall with some kind of adhesive (or small nails). Presto! Brick firewall-friendly curtains that don't look like they belong in a dorm room :).