Thursday, November 4, 2010

we eat at the Happenin' places

We rarely go out to eat because that requires money. But last week, the Mr. and I ventured out of our apartment not once but twice to pay someone to cook us food.

I worked late one night so we decided to just go out to dinner instead of having to get creative at home with the few groceries we did have. We have lived near a Crackle Barrel for nearly two years now and have never once ventured inside (probably for good reason) but my dear husband had his mind set on some chicken friend steak. Could he be more back-woods? We were litterly the ONLY people in the restaurant- as you can see from the photos JJ took on his iphone. We are really good at picking all the "happenin'" places.

And on the opposite end of the spectrum-
A White Castle just opened a few blocks from us. The way people are flocking to it you would think they hide diamonds in their hamburgers. Which, actually, is a glorious idea! JJ and his friends drug me with them to the drive thru where we were the 27th car back and had to wait ONE HOUR to get some greasy onion burgers. You can imagine how much fun I was waiting in the car.

Perhaps I am missing something about White Castle but the two little hamburgers I ate were most definitely not worth being at the "happenin'" place in town.

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  1. you are so funny. i too have frequented cracker barrel with kyle. also, white castle is the best.