Monday, November 29, 2010

The Purge

While all of my friends (and all of America) have been decorating their Christmas trees and putting up holiday decorations, I have been packing everything I own into boxes and rolling suitcases.

Take a look at our holiday cheer:

I've left a big box in the living room to collect items we want to donate. My goal was to purge at least 30 things from our apartment that someone else would get more use/enjoyment out of than we are. So far I've collected:

1 cookbook
3 pillows
1 cookie sheet (in rough shape)
2 glass liquor decanters
3 pairs of shoes
5 sweaters
1 set of sheets
1 pair of jeans
2 picture frames
2 novels
a box of tea lights
miscellaneous kitchen tools
2 beer openers (why do we have so many of these!?)

I'm sad we won't be joining the masses who are enjoying their Christmas deocrations right now- but it will be worth it when I'm not trying to pack up ordinments at the last minute.

This holiday-ish photo of us will have to do instead:

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