Monday, November 22, 2010

2 pounds closer to a back massage

We may have picked a rough {er, I mean yummy!} time of year to start, but JJ and I have entered into a "Waist Race" with a couple of our friends. We're teaming up  middle school style: Girls vs Boys. Which ever team can lose the highest percentage of weight before Mr. and I move wins.

Our before pictures....

Want to know what's up for grabs?

If the girls end up the most skinny-tastic: The Boys have to cook and serve us dinner (plus clean it all up, obviously!), give us each a 30 minute back massage and wait on us hand-and-foot for one night.

If the boys end up the most skinny-tastic: The Girls have to cook and serve them dinner (plus clean it all up), and serve them hand-and-foot while they play XBox all night. And, we aren't allowed to make fun of how nerdy they are for wanting their prize to be XBox.

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