Friday, July 23, 2010

Bad Idea Man

Why does it seem like there is always one "bad idea man" in every group of people when you're trying to get something done or some decision made. The one who wants to invite Oprah to the charity fundraiser in small town Missouri. Or maybe that is just my misfortune....

In terms of wedding planning I've had a lot of bad ideas:
Birdcage veil. Bad idea!
Trying to come up with my own playlist of music for the reception. Bad idea!
Thinking I'll last all night in 4.5" heels. Bad idea!
Considering skype-ing in a live performance of my cousin (who is in Wicked). Bad idea!
Believing I could get in supermodel shape before the wedding. Super bad idea!

Here is my solution to bad ideas. The "good idea cocktail." After the Oprah comment in our brainstorming session this morning I think I need one of these. Who's with me?

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