Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm a tad late seeing Sex and the City

I went to see SATCII (that would be Sex and the City, II) a few nights ago with a good friend from college.

Oh Carrie Bradshaw, what has happened to you? As beautiful as they are, I think these women are just a tad too old to be playing characters targeted at 20-somethings. None the less, Sara Jessica Parker can do no wrong in my eyes.

In fact, Sara Jessica Parker is now the CEO of the Halston Heritage clothing line. She wears pieces from the line multiple times in the movie, including on the movie poster. This dress can be found here at Nieman Marcus for a mere $325. If that wasn't most of my paycheck this white beauty would be in my closet.

I also can't stop drooling over Carrie and Mr. Big's new digs. Join me in the drooling:

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