Monday, June 14, 2010

I did a bad thing

I neglected to mention yesterday that I did a bad thing this weekend.

While on my way from one eating establishment to another (which is what I did most of my trip to Memphis), we passed a sign that said "Good Dog Adoption Day." The smart thing would have been to keep driving but unfortunately I am not smart. And, wouldn't it be my luck that the most perfect little dog was waiting for me inside needing a nice home!?

Little Maddie was a Pug-Beagle cross and she was perfectly wonderful. She already knew all the tricks that I paid a small fortune for Watson to learn in doggie classes and she is house broken. I had already let the lady call my references before I realized that driving a dog eight hours back to Missouri to live in my tiny apartment was a bad idea.

So I've decided to enforce a new rule: I am not allowed in any establishment that has dogs for sale.

(photo: not actually the Memphis dog.)

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  1. but just look at that face... :)
    Great blog! I'm a new follower! xx