Sunday, May 1, 2011

Husband and I had our first weekend in Kansas City where we weren't hosting guests and/or we one of us wasn't out of town. This is sort of a big deal since we've been living here for four months!

In addition to a BBQ festival, some golf and a really long trip to the DMV {which was located inside PetCo so I got to play with puppies while husband tried to register the car!}, our weekend looked a lot like this:
Sunshine + Husband studying for the CPA exam and me working on my personal statement for the grad school interview I have on Friday. More details to come on that later.

Today is May Day, which always reminds me of my childhood. For as long as I can remember, our neighbor in my parents' neighborhood would deliver May Day Baskets on this day. They would ring the doorbell and then run away and when you came to answer the door there would be a cute basket with cookies, flowers and other goodies. Why doesn't anyone do this anymore? Maybe I'll make May Day Baskets for the girls at work tomorrow?!

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