Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I survived hosting my first holiday as Mrs. Bennett, and had a wonderful time cooking for everyone in my tiny kitchen. My heart is so full and I am SO exhausted! I took a nice long nap this afternoon after everyone left {but that is really pretty standard 'round here!}

Saturday afternoon I helped host a "flash mob" with some of the kids I have the pleasure of working with immediately following Kansas City's big Easter parade. I was nervous that we would not be well received but that was not the case. We made it on the Easter morning news! Check it out HERE

Then my family had our own little Easter egg hunt at the park. It was the grown-up version with truffles inside of the plastic eggs. I ended up being the biggest loser in more ways than one: I found less eggs than JJ, my sister and my sister-in-law AND I sprained my ankle tripping over a pot hole.
Pictures my sister in law took of husband 1. trying to tackle me and 
2. trying to steal some of the very few Easter eggs I did find

Instead of cleaning up the mess in the kitchen I'm sitting down with a few episodes of Mad Men, a glass of red wine and a big bag of ice for my sore ankle. Happy Easter everyone!

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