Monday, December 6, 2010

Story Time

Want to hear a story about my first Thanksgiving with my new in-laws?

I suppose I knew the whole family was going to take an "old time photo" but this did not occur to me when I chose which undergarments I wore that day. When we arrived there was a large open room filled with every type of western/saloon/revolutionary war costume you could imagine. We each picked something and the girls headed to the one dressing room.

Now, if you have ever taken an "old time photo" then you would know {unlike me} that all of the costumes have an open back to help accommodate any size woman. I took off all my clothes, put on my dress and froze: my only option was to have JJ's mom pin up the back of my dress. Why is this a problem? Because I was wearing a thong.

There I stood, caboose exposed, for my husband's mother to pin up the back of my dress. I am pretty sure this is family bonding to the greatest extent.

Que the "thong song" now, please.

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