Sunday, December 12, 2010

I've moved from packing boxes to packing my mouth full of reddi-whip

I don't so much mind the winter, or the cold, but today the yoga pants and extra hot coffee just weren't cutting it. According to the local weatherman we got a "nice dusting of snow" this weekend. He makes it sound pleasant. To me, it looks like a white nightmare outside.

Wrapping up every glass we own in newspaper {which I had to have my mom bring me from Kansas because JJ and I haven't read a print version of a newspaper since we graduated high school} got really, really old so I moved on to cleaning out the fridge. I knew I had hit a low point when I was sticking the nozzle of reddi-whip in my mouth and seeing how much I could squirt in there before my cheeks buldged. JJ didn't dare take the bottle away.

I'm pretty sure I need some entertainment {or a multi vitamin} in my life.  Next on my agenda: making the batter for some home-made cinnamon rolls for the work Christmas brunch. Just three more days of work left before the big move. We're down to paper plates and reject tshirts at this point.

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