Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where you at?

I went out for a drink last night with a few friends and we started talking about my blog (probably because I make everything about myself) which got me wondering: Where are you reading from?

Leave me a comment with where you are reading from- I think I've got Missouri and the Dominican Republic covered.


  1. Austin, Texas here! I love your blog, little missy. Hope you're well.

  2. minnesota!
    oh and katie is a loyal reader in indiana :)

  3. Elise! I like to check in on you from Atlanta. So happy that everything is going so well for you!

  4. woot woot DR! speaking of this, let's talk about Punta Cana soon...keith and I bought plane tickets flying out of there, so we'll be there whether we get to see you for dinner or not! (and i'm sure hoping we do!)