Friday, September 17, 2010

5 Tidbits from my Week

1. My parents gave JJ a flipvideo for his birthday. He has been constantly filming me doing awkward things. Mostly just eating, since I do that a lot. Anyone want to watch a video of me eating last night's dinner?

2. I finally put the house "back together" after having wedding boxes everywhere and I am feeling much less claustrophobic. I've finally hung a few things on the walls in the bedroom and condensed my "thank you note station" from taking up the entire living room. We've been left some amazing antiques that I'll take pictures of and share sometime next week. Our apartment almost feels too classy for us right now.

3. I am very excited that college football season is back in full-force; mostly because I love tailgating and any excuse to put on a themed outfit. Oh, and I love a good chant. MIZ!

4. I've been put in charge of planning this year's annual Open House fundraiser at work and am feeling extremely overwhelmed. I am really wishing I still lived with an event planner (Kaci- help!!). Tomorrow I plan to walk up and down the isles of Michaels and Party City hoping something will inspire me to make centerpieces.

5. I babysit for a family from church every Thursday night and last night we found a whoopie cushion in one of their toy boxes. I'm not sure what it says about me that the small children grew tired of the farting sounds before I did. Yikes!

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