Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birthday Hat

Good Morning! I've been miserable at posting lately because I have been so busy at work catching up after the wedding. Proof that my life is chaotic: yesterday I had the hand of an at-risk teenager down my pants. I split the zipper of my denim pencil skirt and had to have her help me line the inside with safety pins to get through my meetings.

Today is my husband's (ah! It still feels weird to say husband!) birthday. I felt like I needed to make it very special since this was our first big event as a married couple- and I think it is important to start to develop traditions. So I went in search of this in the apartment:

This Birthday Hat made it's debut years ago at my 21st birthday party. I think THIS needs to be a birthday tradition! 

Me being obnoxiously excited on my 21st birthday.

I think I am going to cook this recipe for "engagement chicken." I realize he's already stuck with me but I want to try to seem domestic on his birthday.

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