Sunday, March 11, 2012

As of last week, husband and I have been married for 1.5 years. It's a fact that is pretty hard to believe! JJ has been traveling constantly {since that is what they make accountants do during tax season} and I've been spending every weekend at wedding showers, bachelorette parties and wedding ceremonies of very dear friends. Watching people I care so much about celebrate their love keeps me from feeling bitter that my own love is so far away. I feel pretty lucky. 

Most recently I got to "bachelorette-party-it-up" Kentucky Derby style...
 With help from a witty instructor, we all switched back and forth between bourbon punch and painting these pictures of ladies wearing Kentucky Derby hats.
 Husband is still trying to figure out where to hang this "lovely" painting I made....
 The bridal party
The special cookies I made for the bride :) 

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  1. I loved everything about the weekend ... especially the chocolate sprinkles you used on the cookies! What an amazing gift to have beautiful friends who design the perfect night (and who all look FABULOUS in hats).
    With Love ~ elb