Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Left Hand Ring

The rumors are true: I am going to get married.

I have experienced almost every emotion over the last week. I've been excited about this adventure that JJ and I are about to embark on together. I've been stressed that I ate too much pie over Thanksgiving and he'll change his mind about marrying me. I've been giddy, overwhelmed.... the list goes on and on. But I know that if there was one person to experience all of this with, I'm glad it's him.

I have been babysitting some plants for people in my office now that it is winter. I keep forgetting to water them and most of them are dead now. I hope this is not an indication of the kind of wife/mother I will be!

I promise not to turn this into a wedding blog. But this is a blog about my grown-up life and what could possibly be more grown-up than getting married? I certainly feel grown-up with a left hand ring on!

the Mrs.

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