Wednesday, April 4, 2012

After today it is clear that I would not stand a chance in a duel

Over the weekend I coordinated/hosted a leadership retreat for 60 middle school girls that involved camping out in the woods. It was an exhausting, frustrating, motivating, joyful experience. We spent a great deal of time talking about toxic friends, stereotypes and female bullying. I am all to familiar with the fact that these things do not go away just because you graduate from college and wear on big girl panties.

Then my husband FINALLY came home. He traveled for most of the month of March and I'm sure that people in my life where beginning to wonder if he was an imaginary husband. We've been making up for lost time by having random date nights. Last night I beat him at scrabble because of my 37 point word: MILF. We are clearly not mature enough to have children.

Tonight we did a little of this....
I am hopeful that my hearing will come back eventually. Right now all I hear is a faint ringing.

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