Monday, January 2, 2012

Tomato Tomatoe

Tomorrow it's back to work- which means I have to actually brush my hair and take off my sweatpants. I've been looking a little rough around the edges the past few days.

But until then I'm enjoying my last day of lazily perusing blogs and eating leftover Christmas candy.

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas 2.0 {not to be confused with Christmas 1.0}
I took the week between Christmas and New Years off from work so JJ and I could go skiing- but his dark passenger {that is my Dexter speak for his job} got in the way so I went to Mexico instead. He stayed at home and worked and I laid in the sun and sipped on drinks with little umbrellas in them.
And in case you think I'm the worst wife ever, let me remind you that husband travels all the time to fun places like Chicago and New Orleans without me. He is, however, working during those trips. Tomato Tomatoe.

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