Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 1.0: I fight crime and my husband is an astronaut

Last weekend was my Christmas weekend with my family {since now that I'm married I'm having to learn to share...}. I have been raised with a strong allegiance to traditions so even though we celebrated one week early, everything was exactly the same as years past....right down to the snacks! 

My family is very close-knit so it has been a fun adventure incorporating JJ into our traditions. 
This last picture has me giddy just thinking about the hour spent writing my parent's holiday card. My mother decided she was tired of the traditional blah blah blah so she just made stuff up. JJ is now an Astronaut. I fight crime. My sister works for the C.I.A. I am being 100% serious that is what is being mailed to 75 of their family and friends!!!

Oh yes, and this now lives at my house!!!
This weekend it's off to Memphis for Christmas 2.0

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