Friday, September 2, 2011

Comedy of Errors

We've started a new thing at work that we fondly call "Tasty Tuesday." This week it was my turn to bring in lunch for the other three girls in my office. I had wonderful intentions of making lettuce wraps and cast-iron skillet pineapple cake. But sometimes my intentions get the best of me.
Yes, the last picture is JJ fanning the oven as billows of smoke are coming from the burning "second cake" on the bottom of the oven. I'm frantically running around opening all of the windows so our entire building doesn't have to be evacuated due to our smoke alarm.

Then I tried to shake up the bottle of sesame oil but {just my luck} the cap wasn't screwed on all the way. Every surface of our kitchen {and my body} became covered in a oily film that I'm not sure I'll ever truly be able to get off.

I considered just buying pizza to take to work for lunch after all of that. But, I am WAY too prideful to show up without home-cooked food so this is what they got to eat. I'm probably kicked out of Tasty Tuesday now.

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