Sunday, August 14, 2011

Greedy List

I apologize for letting another week go by without popping in to say hello. I started my graduate program this week via an intensive 40 hour week of lectures, role plays, and a test. It has been an overwhelming test on my patience, my competence and motivation. 

Then yesterday husband and I drove to my hometown to help my parents and sister create a "greedy list." My parents are going to Italy for my Dad's 60th birthday and insisted that they complete their will and divvy up all of their valuables before the leave {and die?}. We spent 24 hours talking about death and "arguing" over which sister got which set of silver flatware. Even though my sister and I poked fun at how silly the whole ordeal was, we both left feeling sad that the reality is that someday we'll be dividing up my parents house for real. 

But then I got to come home to this beautiful scene and I was reminded to take a deep breath and enjoy all that life is throwing me right now. Life is good. 
View from our living room window tonight

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